About me

Passionate about literature since my childhood, I devour a bunch of books all year round.
So passionate that I created a book bar in 2006 in the North of France by dropping my studies as a chartered accountant.
Unfortunately, due to a medical hazard, I had to close "my baby" because I was going to give life to my shrimp in very complicated circumstances.
Since then, the shrimp has been 13 years old and is in the midst of a teenage crisis ...
After 2 difficult years, I became an event organizer but the literary world has never left me.
Fortunately, e-readers were invented!
In 2017, I had the desire and the need to reinvent myself.
After 15 months of training, here I am the holder of a training certificate as a public writer.

Also certified in spelling and grammar, I offer a whole range of services related to the literary field.
You can therefore discover via this site, the services that I offer in these two areas.

Il s'agit du portrait de la créatrice de l'entreprise.